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What money can't buy

Michael Jackson cardMichael was a multi-billionaire. He could buy anything he wanted. But what he valued most of all were the things money can’t buy, the purity and innocence that he found in nature, in children and in the hearts of his loving fans. He cherished every little thing we gave him, every expression of our love.

I felt blessed to have all of the opportunities I had to be with Michael
and did my very best to give all that I could on my own behalf and on behalf of all those who love him as much as I do but would never get the chance to tell him so. I would sit for hours under a tree seeking new ways to express to him how much he means to the world, how loved and cherished he is.

Here is a poem I wrote for Michael and gave to him in Los Angeles in October 2008. He told me a few days later that he loved it so much that he read it to his children.

Loving an angel

I remember being thirteen
Seeing an angel on the screen
His face was beauty, his eyes were love
I knew he came from up above

I longed with all my heart to meet
This giver of love, so pure and sweet
They called him Michael, a star and king
He became my world, my everything

I wished and wished and my wish came true
The universe carried my soul to you
And though I see you a thousand times
I’ll never lose what’s yours and mine

For deep inside, I’m still thirteen
Peering out at this wondrous dream
I can’t believe it, I’m so amazed
My life’s a wonder, I’m in a daze

Look and see the love that’s mine
This love reflects the light you shine
For in the darkness you were there
You gave me hope, you made me care

In your presence there is no fear
And earthly ties all disappear
My inner child sprouts wings and flies
My spirit soars across the skies

I love you with a love so pure
That through the ages will endure
My soul is yours eternally
You are my gift, my destiny

You are my angel, my sweetest song
You are to whom my heart belongs
You are my childhood dream come true
Thank you Michael for the wonder of you

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